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What is The Pilates Source™?

The Pilates Source™ is where those interested in learning about Joesph Pilates life work have a place to go and dig deep into the roots of Contrology. Sean Gallagher as the 5th owner of Mr. Pilates original studio business as well as the owner of Joe's studio and property in Becket Massachucettes he is bringing it all together to allow Pilates teachers from around the world to come to learn and explore Joe's work in an enviornment like no other in the Pilates world today.

At the Pilates Source™ we are restoring Joe's studio in Becket, MA. into a working studio as well as museum for all who would like learn and work out where Joe taught and developed his work as well as study and learn about the history of the man and his life and the method he spent a life time developing.

With Joe's history at Jacobs Pillow and Sean's long history of teaching Joe's mat work at the Pillow ( over 2 decades) we have developed Pilates at the Pillow™ conferences that are produced twice yearly. It is here where participants from aroung the world gather to experience lost apparatus that have been reproduced exlusively for the conferences using Joe's original apparatus, from his Blue prints or from photographs to ensure accuracy in apparatus. Participants also learn the exercises from the archives using Joe's original words and cue's for each exercise. Some of the workshops that have been presented by The Pilates Source™ since the fall of 2018 include:

  • Pilates 34 in 34® is the mat class that Joe taught to dancers at Jacobs Pillow. This mat class has breathing, standing and other exercises not found in Joe's return to life book. Notes were taken by a student and Elaine Ewing has decifered them and we teach this class every day of the conferences.

  • A Review of the Science of Exercise and Movement From 1945 to 2021 Sean has done a deep look at the scince that supports joe's work. He said he was 50 years a head of his time and the scince supports that claim in many ways.

  • The Resister I & II these workshops were taught with a reproduction of the Resister apparatus made by Pilates Lineage that Joe invented for home use. There were two posters that The Pilates Source™ reproduced that each participant recieved that had Joe's specific instructions including, breathing and actions.

  • The Archival Ped-O Pul™ This workshop was developed by Elaine Ewing after she found a poster made by Joe to teach this special apparatus. With the help of Pilates Designs and and Blossom Leilani Crawford who allowed us to copy one of the origianl adjustable Ped-O-Pul's Mr. Pilates had made.

  • The Archival Bench Mat which is a replica made from measuring and copying Joe's original Bench Mats found in Joe's Becket Studio. Along with his poster that shows the exercises and dircetions and cues to use it properly in how he wanted the exercises exicuted. This workshop was taught by Elaine Ewing

  • The Science Behind the Mat™ lecture was given by Sean Gallagher with a look at the science that supprts Joe's mat work.

  • The Standing Mat - parts I and II with Sean Gallagher is a unique exploration of the standing mat exercises found documented in Joe's archives. Sean will be teaching Standing Mat part II at the Fall 2021 Pilates at the Pillow™

    The New York Pilates Studio® is proud to carry on the work of Joesph Pilates the way he wanted his studio equipment to be and his method taught. With extensive use of archival materials, the first comprehensive training manual and the gold standard professional training that all others have based theirs on, along with some of the best teachers you can be assured that you are getting a true to form workout the way Joseph Pilates would have wanted you to have. In todays world of "pilates" some teach only the circumference of the work or not even that, we teach the whole 360 degrees as well as the volume with in the the work not just some of the edges. With opportunists today who are certifying teachers over the internet and in a day or two it is harder to know who the good teachers are. Ours is the first, oldest, and true to The Pilates Source™ as you can find anywhere in the world. So if you are interested in working out the way Joe wanted and intended or are interested in becoming a professional Pilates Guild Certified teacher™ drop by the studio, give us a call or see how to apply here.